STEM Societies and Chapters


STEMx is now in the process of launching STEM Societies and Clubs at School and Colleges around the country. We’re looking for young STEM Champions and Leaders (ideally, but limited to, STEM Alums) who can help create and lead these Societies and Chapters at their respective Schools.

Each STEM Society or Chapter will comprise a President and a minimum of 3 Vice Presidents and a General Secretary, though this number can increase depending upon the number of Members of the Chapter. Atleast one (ideally more) office holders of each Society or Chapter should be from a junior (not the senior-most or graduating) year to ensure continuity in subsequent years.

These STEM Societies or Clubs will be responsible for promoting the idea of hands-on and holistic STEM Education in their respective schools and colleges and will help organise the following activities through the course of the year:

  • STEM Talks & Activities
  • School Science Bowls
  • Community Outreach & Literacy Programme
  • Support STEM In the Classroom + Citizen Science Programme

In exchange for their service, they stand to receive the following benefits:

  • Organisational and Leadership Experience of Managing Events and Activities at School
  • Experience Certificate from STEMx
  • TAship in STEM Schools
  • Option to Stand in Election to STEMx Student Council
  • Access to Closed STEM Programmes
  • Free of Cost Attendance to National STEM Leaders Retreat (travel not included)

If you’re interested in hosting or leading a STEM Society or Chapter within your organisation (or being part of such a leadership team), kindly fill out the form below before July 17, 2021.


STEM Society or Chapters - Election 2021

    PART A: Student's Background Information

  • PART B: Parent/Guardian's Information

  • PART C: School / Campus Information

  • PART D: ESSAY QUESTION - STEM Experience and Manifesto

  • The following ESSAY QUESTION is VERY IMPORTANT. These will determine whether you will get a call for interview and ultimately selection. PLEASE THINK CAREFULLY and PLAN YOUR ANSWERS before writing them. Prove to us that you have what it takes!


NOTE: By submitting your information through this form, you agree to allow PIF (or its partners) to share information and invitations for future events and activities with you. We will not, however, share your information with anyone for any other purpose, except as required by Law.