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PIF’s Ideas Contest 2013 was a collaborative brainstorming exercise to help find ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions for Pakistan’s Problems. The PIF Ideas Contest 2013 is a three-stage Contests whereby initial ideas have been judged and voted to determine Semi Finalists from (North, Centre, and South-West). The Semi Finalists have attended a one-day mentoring and training event in ISB, LHE, or KHI after which they got an opportunity to revise and refine their ideas. A list of Finalists will be announced from the refined ideas. Winners and Runner Up shall immediately follow from the Finalists.

What kind of Solutions Are We Looking for?10406302-abstract-light-bulb-with-the-word-ideas-on-white-background
  • Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Water, Climate, and Disaster Mgmt.
  • Better Governance
  • Energy
  • ICT for Development
  • Urban Living

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