Research and Advocacy – Pakistan Innovation Foundation //

Research and Advocacy in Support of Science, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. Pakistan Innovation Foundation seeks to create a capability to carry out research and advocacy to enable it to develop and execute an analytically rigorous, evidence-based, and deeply passionate agenda to promote science, and science-based innovation and entrepreneurship in the Pakistani society.

To this effect, Pakistan Innovation Foundation seeks to carry out research and policy advocacy for:

– Create ‘Innovation Roadmaps’ for various industry sectors and clusters to help create a dialogue and consensus on the way forward

– To sponsor and support research on innovation to help better understand innovation trends and challenges within the country

– To carry out ‘action research’ on carrying out and scaling innovation through various programs

– To engage with a public policy-making process, as a private-sector voice and advocate on innovate

– To help develop capacity and support the aspirations of universities and academia in commercialising research and innovation

PIF works with private sector entities, donors, and other public and non-profit stakeholders to execute its research program.