REGISTRATION: STEM:NEXT –> STEM 2022 (Talent Scholars)

STEMx and Pakistan Innovation Foundation

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Scholarships for Winners and Organisers of High School Science Competitions (Talent Scholars)


You may fill out this form to pre-register and/or complete formalities to book your spot.

There are 3 parts of this form:

PART A: Student Background Information.
PART B: Parent/Guardian Information.
PART C: Essay Question to Assess Student Preparation.

You must complete all 3 Sections fully and honestly.

PART C must be completed by the student himself/herself. He/she could be questioned about it at the interview.

Please take time to think about and fill the Essay Question in PART C.

When you press submit, a copy of this form shall be automatically sent to you.

If you will be seeking financial assistance, please tick the appropriate section AND upload (in pdf or jpg image format) your school fee slip to establish financial need.

STEM: NEXT --> STEM 2022

    PART A: Student's Background Information

  • PART B: Parent/Guardian's Information

  • PART C: ESSAY QUESTION - Student's Preparation for STEM 2022

  • The following ESSAY QUESTION is VERY IMPORTANT. These will determine whether you will get a call for interview and ultimately selection. PLEASE THINK CAREFULLY and PLAN YOUR ANSWERS before writing them. Prove to us that you have what it takes!
  • Please Let your friends know that you have recommended them and that they may be contacted on your behalf to encourage them to apply to the STEM:NEXT --> STEM 2021 Programme.


Note: By providing information in this form, you’re agreeing to be contacted, via email, by PIF/STEMx for important updates and future programmes. Your information will remain with PIF/STEMx and will not be shared with any third parties or used for any other purpose than for providing you information for offerings.