Karachi Innovation Challenge 2016

As with the extremely successful event in 2015, the 2nd Karachi Innovation Challenge and Hackathon was hosted at Habib University. KIC&H engaged Citizen Innovators – particularly students and youth professionals – to come together to solve Karachi’s Challenges through a 3-day Hackathon and a subsequent accelerator.

The challenge was divided across FOUR themes:

1-Do It Yourself (DIY) Citizenship focussed on self-organising empowered Citizens to come together to address the City’s problems
2-Creative Humane Spaces aimed at encouraging the use of public spaces to bring together art, culture, literature, and sport to create new narratives and ownership
3-Smart City will explore the creative and innovative use of technology and innovation to build solutions to enable the City to work for its Citizens
4-Trusted Government to enable citizen ideas in openness, efficiency, and transparency in government to create trust between government and the citizens.

FOUR teams won startup support of upto PKR 300,000 each plus a chance to participate in the civic accelerator.


Four WINNING teams and Four RUNNER UP teams will be a part of the Civic Accelerator were:

  1. Team MentHub (Runner up) wants to develop a mentoring platform to connect Mentors and kids from underprivileged areas
  2. Team vReport (Runner up) is building a problem reporting platform
  3. Team Aurosaviours (Runner up) have a model that converts humid air into water using Silk Thread
  4. Team Green Buildings (Runner up) is promoting the idea of a greener Karachi through Vertical Gardening
  5. Team Mobile KutabKhana, (Winners) One of the winning teams is taking Libraries to kids and promoting the idea of Mobile Libraries
  6. Team Chaska On Wheels, (Winners) has made a Rikshaw for disabled people that converts into a Food Cart
  7. Team AeroSync, (Winners) want to install public toilets in Karachi
  8. Team Pentagon, (Winners) Believes that the biggest problem of waste management is waste separation and their model works on that