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Pakistan Innovation Foundation seeks to execute a carefully thought out program agenda comprising of a ‘core’ programme and a series of  key ‘signature’ initiatives. Currently, PIF is working on launching the following initiatives:

National Innovation Grand Challenge (NIGC):

An Open Innovation Challenge for Pakistani Students, Entrepreneurs, Companies and Citizen Innovators. The National Innovation Grand Challenge is Pakistan Innovation Foundation’s ‘Signature’ Launch Initiative. NIGC is a 15-month long Open Innovation Challenge aimed at inspiring and energizing Pakistani youth, students, professionals, and citizen innovators to find innovative solutions to Pakistan’s development challenges and enhance its competitiveness.

Final Winners of National Innovation Grand Challenge shall be announced in August 2014.

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Annual Celebration of Innovation:

An Annual Celeberation of Innovation features a National Conference, Innovations Showcase, and Awards Gala. Pakistan Innovation Foundation will bring together its members, leading innovators and entrepreneurs, private-sector and public sector players, donors and philanthropists, investors, academia and students, and interested stakeholders from across the society and beyond to Series of Events that will form an Annual Celebration of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. This will include:

The Annual Innovation Conference, Showcase, and Awards Gala shall also be an opportunity for stocktaking and reflection, to set direction and make course corrections, and re-engage with a renewed spirit of innovation.

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PIF Innovation Fellows:

Pakistan Innovation Foundation seeks to create a community of innovators – PIF Innovation Fellows – to promote the cause of innovation in Pakistan. The PIF fellowssupport each other, the young emerging innovators, and the overall cause of Science, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Pakistan. PIF will recognise a small number of individuals – no more than 15-20  –  each year.

PIF Innovation Fellows will be people who have demonstrated the ability to innovate. While most of the Fellows would have done it to a distinguished level, some may be elected for the unrealised potential they may have demonstrated. Each year, existing Fellows shall vote to elect new fellows.

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Research and Advocacy:

Research and Advocacy in Support of Science, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. Pakistan Innovation Foundation seeks to create a capability to carry out research and advocacy to enable it to develop and execute an analytically rigorous, evidence-based, and deeply passionate agenda to promote science, and science-based innovation and entrepreneurship in the Pakistani society.

To this effect, Pakistan Innovation Foundation seeks to carry out research and policy advocacy for:

PIF works with private sector entities, donors, and other public and non-profit stakeholders to execute its research program.

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