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Annual Celebration of Innovation

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An Annual Celeberation of Innovation features a National Conference, Innovations Showcase, and Awards Gala. Pakistan Innovation Foundation will bring together its members, leading innovators and entrepreneurs, private-sector and public sector players, donors and philanthropists, investors, academia and students, and interested stakeholders from across the society and beyond to Series of Events that will form an Annual Celebration of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. This will include:

A National Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship – a special ‘Invitation Only’ event that engages the audience in substantive dialogue on Innovation in Pakistan;

– A Series of Judging Events around National Innovation Grand Challenge (NIGC) and other similar competitions running through the year;

– A National Innovation Awards Gala recognising and rewarding Pakistan’s leading innovators from corporate sector and innovator-entreprepreneurs;

– A Ceremony to mark the Inauguration of PIF Innovation Fellows; and

– An Innovations Showcase demonstrating the work of the best and brightest Innovators in Pakistan.

The Annual Innovation Conference, Showcase, and Awards Gala shall also be an opportunity for stocktaking and reflection, to set direction and make course corrections, and re-engage with a renewed spirit of innovation.

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