Founding Ethos – Pakistan Innovation Foundation //

Pakistan Innovation Foundation is conceived as an apolitical and non-partisan private-sector driven entity charged to develop and execute an analytically rigorous, evidence-based, and deeply passionate agenda to promote science, and science-based innovation and entrepreneurship in the Pakistani society. There is no “good” or “right” time to do this –We must build on the momentum we have now.

While it is possible learn from other examples, Pakistan’s environment and circumstances are unique – Not everything that has worked elsewhere may work here. It is possible to “cherry pick” and adapt and transplant successful innovation models into Pakistan.

However, certain characteristics are critical to addressing the challenges inherent in this undertaking. These form the ‘founding principles’ (or ethos) of the Foundation. These are:

1– Emphasize “mindware” and “software” over “hardware”
2– Hire quality people and give them the freedom to dream
3– Don’t create infrastructure (such as buildings), where it isn’t needed. Leverage existing resources (including Office Spaces)
4– Do not replace organisational platforms that work but try to work with them, where possible. Collaborate with all who share the passion
5– Promote multi-disciplinary approaches to solving Pakistan’s problems. Encourage out-of-the-box thinking
6– Be a ‘listening organisation’ and maintain an “Open Doors” Policy (i.e. Listen to the stakeholders)
7– Start small, think big, demonstrate value, and scale rapidly
8– Delivery is critical and will bring the necessary credibility to the organisation
9– Work hard to build trust between government, academia, private, and non-profit sectors
10– Be the impartial convenor that can bring the stakeholders together